Creating hyperlinks that will work in Kindle files

I’m fairly new to Scriveners but already a confirmed enthusiast constantly amazed at how powerful it is and how much it’s helping my writing. Okay, now that I’ve ‘buttered you up’ a bit (though all true) here’s my question -

How do you create hyperlinks that will be active/hot when compiled to a Kindle format?

I’ve even gone back to my original document in MS Word and figured out how to insert both a regular hyperlink (www. etc. and email@ etc.) as well as text links where certain works will connect to a certain page on the web. They work in MS Word (rtf format) but when the file is imported into Scrivener and then compiled as a Kindle file (.mobi) and opened with on my Mac using my Kindle app (since I don’t actually own a Kindle) they links are hot or clickable. In other words, I can’t click on any of them and have them go to the web pages or open an email message.

I realize it could be the shortcoming of the Kindle App and maybe they will work for those who open the files on their Kindles, but not sure how I can determine that. So, I’m hoping someone here can help.

P.S. While I’m at it, I also noticed that the file is appearing in my Kindle library as ‘untitled’ and when opened at the top of the screen is a series of question marks and the word ‘untitled’. Wondering where and how I go about getting the title to appear. The original document is entitled “Transforming_OverwhelmKin” and that is showing up as part of the “Content” section when the document is opened in the Kindle App.


Links should be clickable and underlined, but there were a couple of issues with this that I hope have been fixed in 2.1. Version 2.1 will be released before the end of the week, to coincide with Lion, so I’d be grateful if you could give it a couple of days until 2.1 is out and then test that out, and if that doesn’t fix the issues, please let me know and we’ll take it from there.

As for the title, that is set in the “Meta-Data” pane of Compile - that, too, should be getting a little easier in 2.1.

Thanks for the kind words!

All the best,

Great! And sure I can be a little patient. How will I receive info about when 2.1 is available? Will you be sending out an email with info on how to upgrade or what?

There will be an announcement post in the Scrivener forum and you’ll also get notified when you open Scrivener if you have it set to automatically check for updates (under the General section of preferences). Or if you bought via the Mac App Store, the update will just be handled automatically through that when they push it out.

In addition, there will probably be an e-mail announcement to the newsletter list for this release, as it is going to be a fairly big one. It sounds like you might already be signed up for that, but if not you’ll find a “Keep Up to Date” menu item in the Help menu.