Creating image-rich craft manual

Hi, I’m fairly new to Scrivener and am loving it for organizing my fiction.

But at the moment I need to do a multi-image document showing people how to do a particular craft technique. I need to be able to place images, resize them (I’ve figured out how to do those two things), captions, easily move them around on the page, add text boxes with shading for sidebars, columns, etc.

I’m having trouble finding out how to do most of those things. Is Scrivener just not made for this sort of graphic layout stuff? Or is there a guide on how to do it somewhere? I’ve spent the last two hours googling, watching videos, searching the FAQ and boards here and the best I can find a is a bunch of confusing stuff about Latex, which I’m completely unfamiliar with.

I used to use OpenOffice to do this sort of thing but it was bad at it. I was hoping Scrivener would help…or am I barking up the wrong tree?


Hi Kimberly,

I’m sorry to say that Scrivener isn’t currently the tool for this sort of thing, as it doesn’t have any text box features or the ability to move around images and place them at arbitrary locations. It’s intended as a drafting tool rather than a final layout tool. I could certainly see that Scrivener’s organisational tools would be useful for more image-rich projects such as manuals, but at the moment turning it into a full page layout tool on top of everything else it does is beyond our reach (or mine, seeing as I’m the sole Mac programmer :slight_smile: ).


All the best,

That’s what I figured…thanks! I do love it for the fiction organization. And I definitely appreciate being low on staff and keeping the product in my price range. :slight_smile: