creating kindle ebook

The scrivener links in my content page do not come across in the kindle ebook I am trying to make.

They work in scrivener just fine but not in my ebook.

When I look at the book in the kindle app for the mac, the links are not there.

I am using: Mac 0S 10.6.5, scrivener 2.02, the latest kindlegen (1.1 build 99)

If this is user error let me know so I can move on. Thanks.

The links should work, but you they can only work if each link is in a separate section. In the “Separators” pane of the “Compile” sheet, make sure you select “Section break” between the chapters.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

That must be the problem. I’m not using any kind of break between chapter.

Also I assume you mean page break not section break. Section break is not an option. I will try this and see if it fixes the issue.


It’s the same thing - when you select “Kindle eBook” (or “ePub eBook”) from the “Compile For” pop-up menu, the option for “Page break” in the “Separators” tab changes to “Section break”.