Creating Long Footnotes

Hello all,

I have a question about creating footnotes. I generally write out my (rather long) footnotes in their own separate text document in Scrivener. Then, when I create a footnote, I have to cut and paste all the text into the footnote in the inspector. Along this isn’t a terrible inconvenience, it seems that there ought to be a way to create a footnote from a separate text document without copy/paste. I tried to simply drag one of my documents into the footnote window in the inspector, but no luck. Is there an easy way to create footnotes from documents in Scrivener?

I hope this is clear. Thank you in advance for your help!

Yes, you might try using referenced inline notes instead of Inspector notes in this case. You can read about them in §17.1.3 (pg. 208) in the user manual. Basically, to save you the trouble of looking if it doesn’t interest you, you put down a “marker” in the main text, wrapped in square brackets within an inline footnote. This can be like, [Mark]. Then somewhere else in the draft, a second inline footnote, with that same marking as a prefix. Here is a simple example:

Note in this case I’ve put it all together to demonstrate the concept, but the second larger one could easily be in a sub-ordinate document in the Binder, or some other place altogether.

And just to expand on that a little, remember that the marker in the square brackets must be unique for each footnote, so that Scrivener can identify which footnote goes where.