Creating New Drafts

Hi Everyone,

So I’m about half way through a draft of my book but my editors has come back with lots of changes.

I’d like to keep the draft I have. And I’d like to start a whole new one with all the new changes.

Is there a way to keep creating new drafts from chapters one through six, which is what I have completed but still keeping the draft I have?



For each one, use “Take Snapshot” (cmd-5) to take a snapshot of the draft as it exists. Then edit away - you will be able to access the old draft of that document via Show Snapshots.

Hope that helps.
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Does Take Snapshot freeze in amber the whole file at once? Or just a folder at a time?

I’m at the point where I go back through the whole more-or-less finished project and take out all those things I thought were so clever and which on eighteenth re-reading aren’t, but some of which, on the twentieth re-reading, were essential.

It freezes in amber just an individual file - a single text file. You can choose “Take Snapshots of All Text Documents”, though. Another option is just to duplicate the Draft folder by selecting the Draft folder and hitting cmd-D. Then you have a copy of the whole original draft and can edit and rearrange the stuff inside the Draft folder for your revised version.

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