Creating New Template

I’m curious how the Novel template was created and how to duplicate it. Inside the template under research is a folder called Template Sheets that contains an icon that is not part of Scriveners normal Icon set. It looks like a ‘T’ and actually appears as a small sub icon on any file that gets tossed in there. How is that done? I tried copying the whole template folder over to a new project, but it did not copy over the same way. The Icon was lost and the sub icon did not appear.

I would really like to know how to do this. Anyone?


You’re almost there, actually. For the imported templates to be recognized, you need to designate a template folder for Scrivener. Use the Project -> Set Selection as Template Folder command.

Note that these are document templates. You can also save an entire project as a template, using the File -> Save As Template command. This will make the template available on the New Project menu.

Document templates are discussed in more detail in Section 8.5 of the Scrivener manual, project templates in Section 7.7.