Creating outline from WITHIN a document

Hi. I need to create an outline which consists of the headers and subheaders contained within a single document. I.e. NOT an outline of scrivenings within a binder or parts of a project. How to do this? I’ve been looking but cannot find the answer. Help! :question:

You can’t, unless you create some kind of manual outline or split the document in sub-documents.
What is it you are trying to do? What’s wrong with using the structure in the Binder?

If you use Multimarkdown, you can use # headings (1-6 #'s define levels 1-6) to generate an outline, and if you Compile it it will generate proper level headings 1-6 in LibreOffice/Word etc. But you of course lose all the benefits of using the Binder…

I use Cloud Outliner for Mac. It makes some artefacts to clean up, but I can paste an outline from it into Scrivener.

If the outline functionality you need consists of having visually hierarchically indented paragraphs, then you can readily do this in Scrivener. What you would do is define a paragraph preset for each level of paragraph indent (be sure to include one with no indent, so you can get back to normal). Assign each of these a handy key command in Apple > Sys Preference > Keyboard, and you are ready to roll.


P.S. I also made my presets play nice with Word in the following way: I styled each of Word’s numbered Heading styles according to my preference. Then I styled my Scrivener paragraph presets the same. In this way, if I have an outline in Word, I can simply copy and paste it into Scrivener, and its styling fits with all the other outline styling I have in Scrivener.

P.P.S. Probably you expected Scrivener’s Outline /view/ to be like Word’s outline /mode/ for docs. But Scrivener’s outline view was designed for a different purpose. It is not for outline-structuring the /contents/ of documents, but instead shows the outline structure of the documents themselves (represented primarily by their titles there). It is something like the Binder only with many additional useful features and functions.