Creating Project/ Existing Files

I have existing files on both iMac and iPad that I want to gather as a project: Memoir. Syncing between iMac and iPad essential of course. When I attempt to create a new project on iMac and import the files that I want for my Memoir I get “Unsupported file type.”

Another way to state it possibly. On iPad I want to combine multiple projects into one project. And trust that this new project will be reflected on Mac. Any help greatly appreciated. I’m stuck until I can resolve. Thanks.

What kind of files are they? JPG? DOC? Something else?

Where are they currently located? If you want to import files into a project created on the Mac, they need to be at a location that you can see via Finder on the Mac.


Thank you for your reply. I just figured something out by way of creating a new project, new documents, copying and pasting to those documents with pre-existing projects. They were text documents. Clumsy but it worked and synced. Thank you again.