Creating sidebars in compile

I’m working on a how-to book. On the advice of my web guy, chapter 1 is going to be a stand-alone, online book for cheap. I’m mostly done with the text (10,000 words). I’d like to have sidebars with little anecdotes and bits of advice. How do I create these? Thanks much. Scrivener is amazing.

By compiling to rtf or docx, opening it in your favourite page layout program or word processor which can handle such niceties. Scrivener is a text creation application, not a page layout application!


You can automate from Scrivener if you use MMD and Pandoc — which allows you to create custom spans. These can be styled depending on your output format. So for example, say you go the Scrivener > Pandoc > HTML/PDF route, you would write [something like this]{.infobox} and this would be converted into a something like this which CSS could make into a positioned box (and you could have different types of admonitions). But this requires you to switch to writing in MMD in Scrivener.

If you are creating an online book it would probably be worth it as MMD is particularly suited to HTML output (you get much cleaner and well structured HTML, which is why Scrivener 3 is going to use it to build modern EPub3 compiles). You can then use tools like PrinceXML to turn the HTML into a book PDF. Indeed with Pandoc you can build the HTML for a website and PDF from the same compile.