Creating story timelines - history to present


I am new to the forum so I apologise if this query is addressed elsewhere.

My novel whilst based in the present has its basis in events from 40 years ago and it will be important to reflect the key characters/individual’s personal histories from that point forward and where they relate to national and global events. I guess it would be easy enough to do with scrolling columns in excel or numbers but would prefer to keep it on the Scrivener platform.

Any thoughts would be very helpful.

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Take a look at custom metadata. You can create one or more date-based columns that you can use to track the current date vs. related historical date(s).

If you need something more comprehensive and in-depth, you could try Aeon Timeline, which has some integration with Scrivener (unless that’s changed in the last few years).

Alternately, you could have a folder where you include the date and optionally the name of the events as the titles of documents, jot down short notes in the synopses, and mark their Statuses as “present” vs. “past”. Then view that ad-hoc timeline on the cork board, using the “arrange by label” feature. You could arrange the cards in alternating past/present chronological order, with related past & present events being adjacent to each-other; or just in strict chronological order if you don’t need to see them intermingled. Note that if you want to sort these binder entries, using dates as the first part of a title, in the YYYY-MM-DD format will sort properly, whereas April, 30, 2019 would sort before January 1, 1901.

You could then use document bookmarks in your manuscript to link each chapter/scene with the relevant events from your timeline folder.

I confirm that Aeon Timeline syncs with Scrivener’s metadata (title, synopsis, label, status, and keywords) as well as custom metadata (where it stores its timeline data, as well as other AT data).

Many thanks for this advice - very helpful indeed.
My plan is to take up a 20-day trial with Aeon.
At first sight, it looks exactly what I am looking for.

Thank you
I plan to take up a 20-day trial with Aeon when I can make the most of it
At first sight, it looks exactly what I am looking for.
Much obliged to you