Creating sub-sections in long document

Total newbie here. I just succeeded in importing a long non-fiction document from Word split into its chapters. Each chapter though has dozens of sub-sections. How can I create “children” sub-sections under each chapter in Scrivener? Many thanks!

The easiest way is to select the documents you want as children in the binder, then drag and drop them onto the parent. There are keyboards shortcuts to do this as well, but I don’t know what they are on Windows I’m afraid.

[i][NB: This will make the parents into Document Groups (i.e. a document with sub-documents). Parents can be either Document Groups or Folders (they have different icons) and they’re treated differently in compilation, but otherwise they’re the same. Basically, when you come to compile your document, you can differentiate between how Folders and Document Groups are treated, so it gives you extra flexibility which may be useful in certain circumstances. It’s easy to convert a Folder to a Document Group and vice-versa – it’s on the right-click menu.

That’s a decision you can make when you’re ready to compile, so I wouldn’t worry about it while you’re getting used to the program – except for compilation settings, Folders and Document Groups work in exactly the same way.][/i]

Many thanks!

There is also the Documents/Group menu command which will take a selection of files and group them together into a new folder. And just in case you hadn’t noticed it, the Documents/Split menu is great for this particular task!

The shortcut to nest items on Windows is Ctrl-RightArrow (with LeftArrow promoting items out of a nested list, and Up/Down moving items up and down within a list).

Many thanks! I really appreciate your help!!!