Creating synopses for multiple documents

Once again, I’m sorry if I’m missing it, but is there a way to create simultaneous synopses for multiple documents? The Control-click contextual menu does not bring up a menu item option as it does for Label and Status, and I can find no other menu options. I can find nothing about this in either the Tutorial or the FAQ, and a forum search came up empty.

The documents in question are several hundred imported pdfs of emails. In the Corkboard, I tried selecting them all and clicking the Synopsis Inspector icon, but all that happened was that the words “PDF Document” appeared on the first index card. That the documents are pdfs does not appear to be the limitation, as I can create synopses individually by clicking on that same Inspector icon. I hope I don’t have to do them all one at a time (Sigh).

Should I convert all of the pdf files to text (and can I do this in one step?) and then try the “select all and click the icon” thing? Doesn’t seem as though this would be the way there . . .

There is on way to do this currently, I’m afraid, although I have implemented batch synopsis creation for 2.0. Likewise to convert multiple PDF files to text - there is no way of doing this in 1.5, but it is coming for 2.0.
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Well, I guess I’ll just wait, then; it’s way too big a pain to individually tweak 300-plus files. Yet another reason your upgrade fee will be a bargain! Thanks for the reply.

And once again, please accept my compliments as well as my money for this wonderful app. You have made my work possible in a way I’ve not found before. And thanks, too, to your forum moderators. You all are obviously putting a warm, heaping boatload of work into this labor of love.

Eek! You had me scared for a moment. And you’re welcome. :slight_smile: