Creating Table of Contents from Collections view?

I’m trying to generate a table of contents from a Collections view. But when I highlight the documents from my collection and choose Edit >> Copy Special >> Copy Documents as ToC, that option is greyed out.

How can I create a ToC from my Collection? I can’t do this from the Binder, because the Collection lists a specific subset of Binder documents and in a specific order (which is the point of having a Collection).

Something to consider about collections is that they are also a way of saving a selection, given how the Reveal in Binder mechanic works. If you select all of the items in your selection and use the Shift-Ctrl-8 shortcut to reveal them, they end up selected in the binder—and now you can do commands that only work in the binder for whatever reason.

That said there is no reason to disable this command in a collection context, that’s not the right implementation, I’ll make a note of it.

Thanks. But how to retain the order of documents in my collection in a ToC? Using your suggested method does highlight the correct subset of documents, but when pasted into a ToC, the ordering from the collection isn’t retained.

After pasting the ToC it is normal text, you can move the lines around as needed. If that’s too much work it might be easier to wait until polishing off the document in a word processor to add the ToC. It’s usually a simple matter of selecting all chapter headings by similar style, applying the appropriate stylesheet headings to them and then inserting a dynamic ToC.