Creating text chunks

First off I LOVE Scrivener.

Second off, I’ve done the tutorial and I understand how to create new and smaller text chunks out of longer text using Document > Split > Split at Selection. I’m interested in knowing if I can create text chunks that both begin and end in the middle of larger text. The Document > Split > Split at Selection option forces me to create my new text chunk with ALL the text below the cursor rather than a defined portion.
In other words, if I want to create a new text chunk using say, a paragraph right in the middle of a bunch of text, could I do that without highlighting, opening an untitled text file and then copy pasting?

There is no way to split off just a portion in the middle. I take it you want to move a portion of the text to a different spot in the outline, since you want it removed from the original flow? If so then cut & paste is the way to do that. If you are just working through a long chapter and splitting it up, the idea is to work top-down. Split, scroll, split, scroll, until you have a bunch of items. So even if you are ultimately want four chunks of text, you’ll still start with one, then two, then three and so on.

But if you are wanting to split a piece of for clarity, but want it to stay in the same flow, you’ll really need to use three chunks anyway—otherwise the middle piece will be out of order.

The way I’d do this is to open the documents as a Scrivenings session, so that you can keep all your text there in front of you as you go through and split, rather than moving from document to document and losing your flow. You can’t open a single document in Scrivenings, so to start out you’ll need to make the first split and then select both documents in the binder and set the Editor to Scrivenings view. (Or you could just select the document you want to split and another document in the Binder, it doesn’t really matter–the point is just that you have multiple documents selected so that Scrivenings mode is an option.) You still have to split on both sides, but you’ll able to see all the surrounding text as you go so working forward or backward won’t require switching documents in the Binder.

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One thing you can do is select the text, then ctrl-click on it and select “Append Selection to Document”. At the top of this menu is the choice to create a new document for the selection, so choose that and choose a location for the new document and hit OK. When that sheet disappears, you are still in the original document with the text selected, so you can just hit the delete key to delete the text you’ve just sent off to its own document.

Hope that helps.

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