Creation Dates

Dear Scriveners,

Is there an easy way to see when (date and/or date & time) I created a particular file in the binder? Does that information show up if I click something clever? If not, is there a way to make Scrivener include the date on top of the text automatically? (i.e. without me remembering to put it there every time?) – Thank you for your help!

In the Binder, no, that sidebar is kept intentionally slim. You can definitely turn on the Created Date column in the Outliner view though, which can be thought of as an expanded Binder. Click on the portion of the project you wish to view, then use View/Outliner to switch to that view. You can right-click anywhere in the column header bar to add or remove columns, and once you have it added you can click on the Created Date column header to sort by it. Note that sort works better in a flat list, so if you want to see the Created Date for everything, try searching for * in the Project Search toolbar. That’s just a plain asterisk all by itself. You can view search results in the Outliner by clicking the Search Results sidebar header.

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Additionally, on a one by one basis, you can view the Created date in the Inspector sidebar for the currently selected/edited item. By default the Modified date is shown in the “General Meta-data” section (which you can also see in the bottom-right corner of the screenshot). Just click on the word, ‘Modified’ to switch that view to ‘Created’.

Thank you, Amber. This is very very useful!

You’re welcome!