Creative Screenwriting: does anyone have the Scriv review?


Apparently there is a review of Scrivener in this month’s Creative Screenwriting magazine ( Unfortunately I can’t the mag anywhere local as it’s a US magazine.

If anybody has a copy, would they mind maybe scanning in the review and e-mailing it to me? Just knowing the score or summary would be good. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

Anyone? I’m desperate to see this review…

I’m in Tennessee for the holiday – Memorial Day in the States – but I’ll be back in L.A. on Wednesday and I’ll be happy to pick up a copy for you.

See People and News > the Buzz > Scrivener … clnk&cd=10

It should appear on a search of: The Buzz: Scrivener software

Now we know where it is that might help a bit. I couldn’t find it in the usual places (and I don’t mean Google). Will keep looking.

Or an email to CS should get you a pdf of the article.

Thanks… LL, that isn’t the actual review, is it? Just a mention of the review…

Sean - thank you, very kind. Don’t go out of your way, though, I was just hoping that someone might have a copy so they could scan the page. I can call them and ask them to send me a copy if nobody does.

Thanks again!