Critical Error! Synchronizing with external folder

SEE Post reply, pls Synchronization is NOT WORKING PROPERLY!.
Hi there!
I am a german user and working with Scrivener for MacOs (3.x) and Beta for Windows (2.9.42) and Jotterpad for Android. I am Syncing the project folders with Google Drive.
On MacOS the names of the sub-folders are “Entwurf”, “Notizen” and “Gelöschte Objekte”, while the Windows folders are named “Drafts”, “Notes” and “Trashed Files”. If this would be all, then I would sync the two sets of folders with another synchronization tool. But: The names of the files differ in the first 9 filenames, because on Mac these are named 01 filename.txt, 02 filename.txt, and so on. On Windows they are named 1. filename.txt, 2.filename.txt, and so on.
Perhaps you can fix that in further Beta versions.
If you need some help with translation, I will do it for free, since I have some spare time until Corona virus hysteria has ended :smiley:.

Best wishes and stay healthy!
Sync ext folder - Draft folder Scrivener WIN.PNG

Sync ext folder - folders.PNG

It’s getting worse! Synchronization with Win Beta 42 only produces empty 0 kb files. I will stop working wih this beta, until this is fixed.
Sync ext folder - 0kb sync.PNG

How come your external sync files have the extension .fountain?

Exactly which devices are syncing? While you can use the External Folder method to synchronize with a third party application, like Jotterpad, it is not supported for synchronization between instances of Scrivener. Trying to do that should give you an error, rather than corrupting your data, but I wouldn’t expect it to work.


Syncing is working again. Still the folders in Beta 43 aren’t translated. “Draft” = “Entwurf”, “Notes” = “Notizen” and “Trashed Files” = “Gelöschte Dateien”.

@Katherine: I am syncing between Scrivener and Jotterpad via Google Drive. But as I had to give my Mac to a repair shop and won’t get it back so soon thanks to Corona pandemia, I had to sync with my Windows instance of Scrivener, to keep writing. I am actually working with a Samsung Tab S6, where I write with the pen in the Nebo OCR app and kopy and paste text into Jotterpad. Normally I write in Jotterpad while staying at my girlfriend’s home, Now that my left elbow is enjured, it has get a bit more complicated :smiley:
When working with Scrivener at home I normally switch between Mac and Windows PC, always using the original Scrvener project, lying in my Google Drive.
Greetings and lots of health

@lunk: You can change extension in the syncing dialog. Jotterpad works best with fountain.

Google Drive is not recommended: … c-services

Working best on my Galaxy Tab S6. Dropbox is crap.