Cross compatibility of Scrivener 3 on Windows and Mac

Now that Scrivener 3 has been released on Windows, I’m wondering how feasible/advisable it is to have projects that are shared between them? I do most of my work on my Windows desktop, and the extra screen space is extremely valuable when I’m organising/tagging projects, but I also have a macbook that I prefer if I’m going to be focused on writing one thing for a long time.

If I were to update my old windows Scrivener 1 projects to Scrivener 3, and then store them on a cloud service like dropbox, would I be able to then access and edit them on my Mac, or are the two not compatible to that degree? And assuming that they are, would I be risking data corruption by setting things up that way?

My Windows-using collaborator and Mac-user me have been doing precisely this ever since the Windows Scriv 3 betas were stable in mid 2018. The few problems we have had were all down to not allowing sync to fully complete.



Best practices for using Scrivener with cloud services can be found here: … c-services


Thanks, both, will have a read of the resources you linked!