Cross Platform Back Up

I have a Windows Desktop PC, Windows laptop, and an iPad Pro. If I’m writing on say, my laptop, how does it sync with the other two? I know while on my iPad, I just hit sync and walla… across the board, everything is updated. But if I’m not using my iPad, how to keep my laptop synced with desktop?! Everything is in Dropbox, so can I safely assume, it updates?
Many thanks!

P.S. The reason for the post here (as I’ve read how on the forum) yet it says wait for the cloud to finish backing up… so I assume, once Scriv closes and shuts down, its updated across platforms. YET… when I did open up in my laptop, I notice many of my files were rearranged (didn’t like that) and fonts were changed throughout my story… (same fonts across platforms)… So I need to be sure, if I spend hours working on my laptop, that if I open my iPad or my desktop, my saved work will appear…

Yes, basically…

If you keep your working document in Dropbox, they will sync through happily across all three platforms — as long as you close the file on each platform after you’ve finished working on it of course and wait for Dropbox to tell you all syncing has finished.

But it’s advisable to keep your zipped backups somewhere else than in Dropbox — I keep mine in iCloud so they’re still all in the cloud and accessible. If you have OneDrive then this will do as well — but make sure your backups are zipped.


Many Thanks!

Well, I tried, and it didn’t work, nor sync. Worked on my desktop all morning… then saved and closed from Dropbox naturally. I am out now and want to work on my iPad, synced before opening file ( I open up in the Scrivener App itself) it says all synced and I open the story and its not up to date.


”Saved and closed from Dropbox”… meaning what?
Exactly what did you do?

I did post this on another post, realizing I had this first so I apologize, but I’ll place my response here too if I may:

Today… I worked on Scrivener from my Dropbox file. File/saved but it always backs up automatically anyway. I closed project and as always, Scrivener saves as backup. I didn’t do more than that as my per my previous posts suggested that Dropbox is as well automatically updated across platforms (my iPad, desktop, and laptop) I opened up my project then on my iPad Scrivener app, it asked my to sync as usual, I did, it stated all updated, yet when I click on my project it still wont open… and when it allows me, it says I need to close and sync yet again. I do, but still, the work I’ve written all morning is not there. I check my desktop Scrivener and it’s all there. Am I missing something on my desktop Scrivener sync that I need to do. I tried File/Sync to my ‘mobile devives’ but it doesn’t seem to respond. How am I too know if sync is ‘finished’ on desktop as I don’t get the same ‘update complete’ message as I do on my IPad if that’s the issue? Thanks!!

You check the Dropbox app on the PC, that it has stopped syncing. A green tick mark and not a blue dot with circular arrows.

Yup. Green tick mark. Check.