Cross-platform compatibility???

Compatibility notes are available in the knowledge base, incidentally.

Regarding PDF output, the export engine available to the Windows developers is incapable of placing internal linkages between pages, and does not have any capacity for adding a table of contents to the PDF’s metadata. We always suggest that Scrivener’s PDF output is intended primarily for proofing, but this is more true on Windows. If you are intending to proof, you might try setting the compile option to Convert document links to link back to Scrivener.

As for links, aliases, shortcuts and file system bookmarks: you can expect most links to break given how UNIX file paths are different from Windows file paths—in general links are fragile across multiple systems, even of the same type. I think we do a little where we can, for example to consider slash direction as acceptable either way in some cases—but overall that’s not something that should be considered a software level compatibility. It will be better to reserve compilation for one system (probably the Mac) if you can, but if you cannot, then consider keeping the images in the project, and pointing your image link placeholders to the binder item titles, instead.

As for lists, yeah, tell me about it. Bullet compatibility has been a nightmare given how very differently they are formatted by each text engine. You’ll probably have noticed that on a Mac you can select the entire bullet line, and even style it or apply formatting to the whole line, bullet included. On the PC the bullet is a thing that doesn’t act like it “exists” in the editor.

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