Cross -platform Compatibility

According to this reference

Is this true as well for moving projects back and forth between IOS and OSX?

I ask because I want to know if I can just copy the project using system copy command without any compatibility issues.

Follow the instructions to set up sync between OS X and iOS and you will be good to go. There’s been lots of discussion here about it.

Yes, it’s true. Every version of Scrivener can read and write to the same project format without doing any conversion. Dropbox, the most convenient way to keep a project up to date between two or more devices, just copies the same files back and forth; there’s no conversion. Same goes for any other method of getting a project from a computer to your iOS device–no conversion necessary.

Thank you sir for your reply.


Bob: Than you much for excellent explanation.

So, is it true that I should be able to copy the file from my Ipad to my own private server and then, from there, to my Macbook and be able to access the project without any problems?



It’s not a file, it’s a whole bunch of files, and if you don’t want to use Dropbox I think the only way to copy it is to use iTunes on your desktop and connect via cable. IOS Scrivener can’t save the project to your private server.

If you have iOScriv, create a test project and experiment with transfer methods. I’m not sure that getting your project to your ‘private server’ is possible. However, if you tap Edit in the list of projects, select one or more and then use the “send to” icon to send the zipped project via Mail or other services like Google Drive (if you have the app installed & configured), then that’s an easy way to get a copy of the project to a Desktop. If you have an app/service installed on your iOS device that lets you send files from other apps to your private server, then Scrivener should be able to take advantage of that; but it doesn’t have anything built in that lets it upload files to anything other than Dropbox.

Getting it back into iOScrivener would probably require iTunes, but I don’t know for sure; I find Dropbox much too convenient to bother with other methods, and with a number of referrals, have plenty of room for any projects that I want/need easy access to.

You are a true gentleman.

I will purchase SIOS and experiment.



Is there a particular reason you don’t want to just use the inbuilt syncing method via Dropbox?

Just keep in mind, if it’s a ‘deal breaker’ for you if transferring projects back and forth is inconvenient without Dropbox, then you may be disappointed. If I had to do it without Dropbox, I’d probably just choose one device to do the bulk of my work on, then transfer and leave that device behind as I plunged ahead on the other. Swapping back-and-forth frequently would be a pain without Dropbox sync.

When moving a project between platforms, please keep in mind that the .scriv project is actually a folder, with subfolders and potentially hundreds of component files.

MacOS Finder and iOS hide this structure, but many other tools do not. Windows, the Dropbox web interface, even Finder’s own All Files display will show you the inner structure of the project, which can be very confusing if you’re not used to it. If you use a tool that does this, then YOU must ensure that the ENTIRE .scriv package is included in the transfer. If it’s not, you WILL damage the project.

For this reason, among many others, it’s a good idea to use a disposable test project to experiment with any new synchronization method, and to ensure that projects work correctly after transfer before disposing of the original.