Cross-platform selection and index issues


Apologies if this has been answered before but have an odd issue when trying to work with Dropbox and the Windows and OSX version of Scrivener.

If I use the Windows version to access a project last amended by the OSX version, all text in each of the documents shows up as highlighted (i.e. selected). If I use the OSX version to access a project last amended by the Windows system the binder view shows the file icon as blank (the text is there) and the content of the file doesn’t register with the word count. I have to go into each document in the binder to open it to register there are some words (I hesitate to call it writing…) in there.

Any ideas?


This isn’t a Dropbox issue, it is just a known bug with cross-platform usage, and would happen even if you burned the project to a CD-ROM and copied it over to the PC like it was 1999.

On the Mac, click on the File menu and hold down the Option key on your keyboard. Select “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes”. This should clear up the incorrect word-count problem.

P.S. I’ve split this off to its own thread.

Thanks - appreciate the reply and the rebuild command will save me a lot of time/mild worry.