Cross-Platform working: Two Scriv versions

Just a question: I have to work with OS X as well as, with my notebook, UBUNTU. Therefore I would need two versions of Scrivener to run it on both machines. Any chance for a discount for the linux variant, hen it is ready (if one already owns the OS X variant)? I know it sounds a bit … well … because you have all the work with porting, yet it is worth a try :wink:

I’ve seen this asked and answered somewhere else on the site but that was between Mac and Windows. Because the ports are very different and a lot of work has going into the different versions individually, the answer was no.

But Scrivener are offering generous discounts for doing Nanowrimo ( - 20% off Scrivener for doing Nano if you don’t reach 50,000 words and 50% if you do. Have you thought about trying that out for a discount on one of the versions?