Cross plattform troubles

Hello, everyone

i’ve used Scrivener for many years, and for all the troubles i’ve had, i’ve used this forum with success. So first of all, to all of you that have helped me without knowing it (especially MimeticMouton), thank you :slight_smile:

But this one i could not find a solution for. To make a long story short: i just started in a new job that allows me to work on my writing from time to time. But here (work) im stuck with a windows computer. At home im using a mac.

Because dropbox is closed behind the company firewall (i can’t access dropbox, twitter, etc), i sent the mac-files to myself pr mail, and download it at work, where i (after reading about it on these forums) thought it would be no problem if i just followed the “steps”.

But: when i loaded my five projects, they vary from 1) loading in full (with the file structure intact etc) but with no text in the folders and files and 2) not loading at all.

What is causing this? And with dropbox “banned” from work, what is the best way to sync my projects?

Thank you in advance for all help!

All the best