Cross reference and different page numbers stiles for chapters

Hi all,

Bevor i get started i try to find out if Scrivener will suit my needs. It is not easy to find by checking the software so forgive me that i may ask questions that are obvious to find.

I am writing a technical documentation wich has 3 parts.

  1. main knowledge base
  2. questions and answers (based on the knowledge base)
  3. tasks and solutions (based on the knowledge base)

My first question: Is it possible to cross reference inbetween the 3 chapters AND with added (and automatically updated) page numbers?


„See Knowledge Base, Page 67“

The second question: Is it possible to have different page number stiles for the chapters?

So that Chapter 1 (Main knowledge base) has normal Numbers 1,2,3,….

Chapter 2 (Question and Answers) numbered something like this A1, A2, A3,…

And Chapter 3 (Tasks and Solutions) should be numbered 1,2,3,… aswell, because this will be an extra book.

Maybe this all will be possible. I installed the trail version 3 of scrivener on windows.

Thank you in advance

Yes. Page numbers are Automatic Numbering <$p> in a header or footer. Headers and Footers are part of a Section Layout. Coupled with a Section Type, different Pagenumber Formats are possible.
So give the Chapters (Parts?) different Section Types and different Section Layouts for different Pagenumber Format per Chapter in the Headers or Footers: <$p-r> or
<$P-R> for Roman Numerals.

I suggest creating a folder for Q&A and one for T&S and create documents per item in those folders. Using Document Templates, you can automatically set Section Type, Label, and Status, as well as an Icon for new items in those folders. Set [Documents > Default Template for Subdocuments] on the folders to those Templates. Create links to KB by dragging a document title to a selected word in a Q&A or T&S. Linking to pagenumbers is another issue…



What About PageNumbers? Inprintmediaitisofcourseacommonpracticetoincludeapagenumber withacross-reference,soyourreadersneedn’tlookthatupthemselves. If youlinkthepagenumberingplaceholder,<$p>,toaparticulardocument intheDraft,thecompilerwillinserttheaspecialreferenceforcompatible wordprocessors to print calculated page number for that text. We could therefore add to the above example a reference that reads, “Chapter 7 HowtoGrowBetterTomatoes(pg. 87)”.

In the User Manual 10.1.4, Page 173. :wink:


Thank you very much Antoni, i will have a look into this.

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