Hello, my name is Seden and I’m a newbie to this forum

I have a question concerning cross-references in Scrivener. I’m doing preparatory work for a critical text edition in Scrivener and I like to insert cross-references from footnotes/comments to footnotes/comments and from footnotes/comments to documents in the Binder and vice versa. Is this possible and how will those cross-references behave during compiling.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.



As far as I know, you can only link to a whole document in Scrivener. If you wanted to insert a link to a particular paragraph, for example, you would need to have that as a separate document in the binder. But if you are talking about some sort of system of numbering rather than linking, you will need to look at Help > Placeholder Tags List … You can do all sorts of things with those.


Thank you for your precious suggestion. I’m using the figure and table tags since I have to refer back to items in documents, footnotes and comments. I don’t know if this approach will work in a stable manner but I will give it a try.
Since connections as a layer above the linear structure of the documents contain much valuable (meta) information about the project it would be nice to have them encapsulated as a part of the software itself so they could be visually represented (Scapple?) in a way that you would look at your project in a manner similar to Google maps.



Hello Seden.
As a scholar, I’ve used placeholder tags, but never succeeded in cross-referencing footnote with another footnote, as I easily do within Word. If you find the way to do it, I’m much interested. After one year use of Scrivener, it is THE one missing feature for me in that absolutely wonderful soft. I have to compile in Scrivener, then build the cross-references in my footnotes notes in Word.
I’d like to find a way to do it within Scrivener, since the very first writing.

Related: is it possible to insert scrivener links into footnotes? I haven’t managed to do this. I would like to have ‘see section xx’ in footnotes but can’t seem to add links.

They work in inline footnotes only (same for annotations v. comments).