I’m currently writing a doctoral dissertation (in law) and have grown so tired of using word, that I’m looking at alternatives.

I’ve have looked into latex - but the amount of commands that I need to learn, and the lack of combining research and project, and the missing overview of the project is a turnoff.

I have therefore looked into the option of using Scrivener and compiling to latex - in danish law books however, it’s very common to crossreference, and I really need to be able to do that - and compile the crossreference to latex.

Is this possible in Scrivener? I’ve tried figuring it out - but so far haven’t found an answer…

If you intend to use Scrivener’s MultiMarkdown integration to generate LaTeX files, you really ought to visit the MultiMarkdown website and read the help files there to figure out how to do this kind of stuff. In short, Scrivener doesn’t make LaTeX files—it has no idea on how to do that—it uses MMD code typed into the Scrivener editor to make LaTeX files (and PDF files). On that site you’ll learn how to make cross-references and most everything else you will need to construct your average book or article. Just to answer quickly though, the MMD code for a cross reference is: [Name of Section][] The second bracket there can be used to hold the section name if you wish to use other text for the visible text the reader sees. [This is an example][Name of Section]. Both put a parenthetical cross-reference to the section number after the bracket area, like “(subsection 23.4.3)”.

See the Scrivener user manual PDF for an example of how cross-references end up looking. I’ve done a little customisation to them to change the link colour to green but that is all Scrivener+MMD->LaTeX->PDF you’re looking at in the manual.

Dear Administrators,
I just switched from using WORD to SCRIVENER. However, I need to use footnotes for my new papers. I have trouble, because footnotes in SCRIVENER seem to not be numbered and I cannot find how to create internal cross references. This was (at least to my experience) very easy in WORD. By writing, I often include cross references to other footnotes, which I included earlier in the paper or I referred to another part in my own paper by using the cross reference system.
Any idea how to easily use this in Scrivener?

The discussion so far, does not answer this question.

This discussion, as a matter of fact, addresses pretty much every single concern that an author would need for cross-referencing, indexing, footnote, endnote, bibliography, glossary generation and standard styleguide compliance. That’s what the LaTeX system does. MultiMarkdown generates the LaTeX files, Scrivener generates a small amount of MultiMarkdown (but most of it would be up to you). If you want to reference a footnote more than once, you would merely do so. So for instance if you type [^engel2003] in one spot, and [^engel2003] in another, with this somewhere in the document:

[^engel2003]: Citation text…

Then you would get:

So for instance if you type[1] in one spot, and[1] in another, with this somewhere in the document… and at the bottom of the page:

  1. Citation text…

However last time I checked, MMD doesn’t generate the proper syntax for multi-references to a single footnote. That’s easy to do in LaTeX, but the designer of MMD never built the generation code in, even though it does do proper single-point multi-reference footnotes otherwise. So that would need to be something that was built into a customised export stylesheet for MMD, rather than using the stock engine. Scrivener supports working with customised output.

But all of this aside, it sounds more like you’re looking for the word processor approach, where things are done graphically rather than in a text instruction set that is rendered, right?