Cross-referencing a particular file - multiple labels?

Is it possible to assign multiple labels to a single file? For instance, I have a few index carded scenes on my cork-board which are serving several functions. It’s a scene that moves the love story forward (so I’d like to label it “Love story”) but it also pushes the antagonist forward (so I’d also like to label it “Antagonist”).
Is it possible to do this? Or are there other ways of tracking multi-purpose scenes?

Keywords are the preferred method for tracking details with lots of facets. You can access these by opening the Inspector (Cmd-Opt-I) and clicking the little “Key” icon at the bottom of that. Keywords can be easily searched for using the Keyword HUD in the Windows menu. This makes it possible to extract sub-plots from the book and view them all as a list of documents.

That’s great. Thank you. Once you’ve added a Keyword to one document, do you have to retype it in each new document where you want it to appear? Or can you somehow paste it in (or something like that).

Use the Keywords HUD (Window > Keywords HUD and manage your keywords there. Then you can just drag and drop any keywords you want from there onto the documents you want to assign them to. If you select multiple documents in the binder or corkboard or wherever and then drag some keywords from the HUD onto one of the selected documents, the keywords will be assigned to all of the selected documents.
All the best,

That is great! Thank you.