Cross-referencing question

Hi everyone. I’ve been working with Scrivener for awhile but am new to this community. I wonder if anyone could help me: I’d like to create a link that dynamically inserts a page number on compiling the project. But, and here’s the rub, I don’t want the page to be the first page of a document, but rather the page of some specific spot within that document. So, say one of the sections (or “chunks”) of my dissertation ends up being 10 pages long once compiled. I can set up a link using the <$p> tag that will automatically insert the page number of the first page of that document. But, I’d like to be able to be more specific, and link instead to a paragraph on the fifth page of that document (as an example). This kind of feature would also be great for building an index that changes dynamically even as you make significant edits that alter the pagination. Does anyone know if this is possible? Thanks very much!

Remember that Scrivener does not require that document splits correspond to chapters, scenes, or any other hierarchical structure. So you can create a document that is only a paragraph long, create a Scrivener Link to it, and associate the <$p> tag with that link.

(Of course, if you are using your document hierarchy to define section breaks, chapter numbers, and similar elements, some care is required.)


This would be very helpful to me as well, as I have some 50 tables throughout my thesis and I would like to have a list of tables and figures in my frontmatter, but I am unable to create a link to a numbered item.

The thought of making each table a section for the purposes of being able to link to it and thus create a list of tables fills me with dread, as I cannot imagine the amount of work I would need to do to the structure of my binder, and my hierarchical numbering.

Maybe this could be moved to the wish list? Version 2.4.1 implemented a great cross-referencing system for numbered items, maybe it could be extended such that the cross-references render as the page numbers of the originals using slightly different syntax.

Table numbering actually uses a different mechanism. <$n:table:myTableName> associates a number with a specific name, allowing you to reference the table elsewhere in the document. See Help -> Placeholder Tags List for more details and an example.


Thanks Katherine, for your suggestion. I do use splits between chunks to mark sections in my dissertation, so that might be difficult to implement, but I’ll play around and see if I can find a way to make something like that work for me.

For others who share this question: I emailed Literature and Latte, as well, and heard back from Jeff who let me know that Scrivener just doesn’t have the capability I was hoping for right now. Here’s hoping it is implemented in a future release!