Cross-Software Heading Format Recognition

Hey, this is a super specific concern, and I won’t be surprised if there’s not a solution, but I figured I’d check. I am currently using Scrivener to organize in a wiki-like fashion to organize a monumental amount of text for an RPG campaign setting. I want to move this work to another piece of software on the web for my players, but I’ve run into a roadblock in terms of how Scrivener apparently parses text formatting.

The standard format system in other documentation software follows the “Heading Numbers” system, with H1, H2, H3, etc defining your various heading formats. I am recently realizing that Scrivener seems to just support abstract formats on the fly which don’t carry over when pasting text to any other text editor (whereas 90% of text editors recognize this standard when pasting formatted text).

Additionally, for whatever reason, this seems to go so far as not pasting ANY formatting at all when I attempt to copy-paste from Scrivener to other software…this seems like pretty strange behavior, I don’t quite have the same issue pasting from other software to Scrivener?

I’m not sure there would be solutions to these problems, but I figured I’d post to see if maybe there might be.

Have you tried the Beta? It can associate HTML header levels with paragraph styles. Once you’ve worked with the Beta a bit, I 'd suggest inquiring in the Beta forum for the technique.

Rgds - Jerome