Cross-upgrade from MacOS to Windows

Hi! I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum of if this question has been asked before. I could not find a reference to this topic.

I have a license for Scrivener 2 for Mac OS X (Regular Licence) I purchased on Feb 2014.

Will you offer the possibility to do a cross-upgrade from Mac Scrivener 2 version to Scrivener 3 for Windows? (I mean, with a discounted price).

Looking forward to your response, Many thanks in advance.

I am not an L&L employee, but my understanding is that the only times there have been a discount for buying licenses for two platforms is when they have offered a bundle. So buying the direct-from-L&L PC + Mac (current versions) is a bundle that is a little bit cheaper than the separate cost of the two licenses.

However, I do not believe they allow you to do a cross-platform “upgrade” like this. You simply buy the new license for the new platform. And right now, if you buy the current Windows license for Windows 1.9.x (which is file format compatible with Scrivener 2.x for Mac) you will get the upgrade to Scrivener 3.x for Windows for free once it is released. And since the Scrivener “full” cost is still extremely reasonable, I hope that meets your needs.

Actually we do offer a cross-grade discount, through the store at

HOWEVER, act fast. Like today. We are in the process of changing licensing vendors, and will not be able to offer the cross-grade discount in the new store. More information on the switchover here: … ith-paddle


Well, then, I was wrong AND I was right. One of those days!

Hi! Thanks for your prompt response.

Can’t find a reference to cross-upgrade on that link. :frowning:
Would you please point me out the precise location to buy?


Note that Win Scrivener 3 is still in beta. The license you purchase now will be for the current version, and will upgrade for free once the new version is released.


Thanks, found it! For some reason, though, the option to do it does not appear unless I maximize the browser window :open_mouth:

Anyway, I already made my purchase. Thanks again! :smiley: