Crossed out style really needed


I’ve been using Scrivener for more than 3 years and I really need a crossed out style.

For example: “She wore a blue red white yellow robe” where all the underlined words could be set to “no display”. Snapshots are much too powerful for such slight modifications and all the revision or highlight modes, comments, annotations… can’t be used for this simple idea (and anyway I already use them when needed, just for what they were made)

I don’t need a revision mode à la Word or Pages, just a simple implementation of the ‘\v’ rtf character format. It could be something like selecting the word and typing alt-cmd-X to make it disappear or reappear, and another shortcut to see all the crossed out words in the document, properly styled (e.g. gray strike through letters). That’s all.

Any chance this could be done ?



Here’s a link to Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary’s manuscript, cross-out style,
before Scrivener: … uence&mot=

Format > Font > Strikethrough (Shift-Cmd-_) will cross out the text. It can’t be hidden in the editor, but it can be removed during compile by selecting “Delete struck-through text” in the Transformations pane. I’ve also occasionally used a preset for this, to both strike out the text and set it to a light grey colour; if you create a preset with a unique name (format the text in the editor, then select it and use Format > Formatting > New Preset from Selection) you can assign it a keyboard shortcut via System Preferences. The main thing to watch out for there is that applying a preset with saved character attributes like this will overwrite any existing attributes, so you could lose italics or such this way and would need to reapply that formatting after applying the preset.

Thanks MM for your answer.

But it’s not what I really need. I already use your technique but what I want is some trick to make those words disappear at writing time. It could in fact be very a good complement to the Snapshots feature, used for the local “microchanges” when Snapshots will keep track of the big, document wise, changes.
In other words, Snapshots will show the state of the document at a given time when “cross out” will show (or hide) the choices for some words during the writing process.

In all fairness to MM, your picture from Flaubert showed exactly what she described - strike-out. As for hiding text, this simply isn’t possible - it’s a technical limitation of the standard OS X text system that we use, unfortunately. (I wasted a technical support incident with Apple on this; even Aki Inoue, who is one of the lead programmers on the OS X text system, couldn’t get it to work.)

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