Crossgrade Windows -> Mac

i have just recently switched form windows to mac. is there an option to cross grade my windows version (which i don’t need anymore) to a mac version ?



There’s not, but if you email us at sales@…, then we can probably refund your Windows licence (which will void the serial number) so that you can buy a Mac licence instead.

All the best,

or is it possible, that i resell the windows license to someone else? i really appreciate your work and don’t want to make you loose money on me …

pulling this up again: Keith, is it possible for me to sell the windows license to someone else? so i can simply buy a new mac license?

You could just convince someone else they need to buy Scrivener directly from Lit & Lat, and take advantage of Keith’s generous refund offer. That would probably balance the scales and make it easier on everyone. For that matter, convince 2 people! :slight_smile: