CrossPlatform App?

Have Windows Scrivener. Lovely!! Just purchased an iPad Pro and see the app for Scrivener - one that is the 9.99 version and other, 19.99 - at least, I think it is?

Is that a true Scrivener app that I see in the App Store? Called Scrivo Pro by Kairoos Solutions…

And if so:

What’s the best method (aside from a thumb drive - which usually mixes things up in saving from Windows to a Mac-Apple) to cross platform? Will this cross platform the same as what’s on my Windows PC, Laptop ( I haven’t seen an app yet available for Windows 10).

That would have to be a ‘No’.

  1. Scrivener is made by Literature and Latte and the iOS version is being built in-house.

  2. I am betting that the iOS version of Scrivener is going to be called … ‘Scrivener’.

  3. Rumor has it the iOS version of Scrivener is in beta testing.

fellow Scrivener user

Scrivo ain’t Scrivener. Scrivener for iOS is indeed in beta, as announced in this forum. It’s currently a private beta, and at some point it’ll be a public beta (no one knows when). Public betas are limited, so not everyone will be able to be on the public beta. But at some point this year Scrivener will likely be on the App Store, and while I have no say on this, I bet it’ll be called Scrivener. Not Scrivo :smiley:

Marcoiac and gr have it right, but I guess I should make an Official Pronouncement since I’m actually part of the Literature & Latte team.

Scrivo Pro is not a Literature & Latte product, is not the iOS version of Scrivener, and in fact has no official connection with Literature & Latte. Any claims or implications to the contrary are false.

Yes, an iOS version of Scrivener is in private beta. Yes, the release version of this application will be called Scrivener. No. I’m not able to give a timeline for when this might happen.