Crowdsourcing A Typeface/ Conference Name

Hoping I can get some help from my smart L&L friends:

I’m writing something where a character attends a conference, not unlike TED, but for writers. I kind of wanted the conference to be named after a significant and writerly typeface – like, the typeface on pre-war Royal Portable Typewriters seems to be Moderne Pica, but The Moderne Conference sounds stupid. And I know me – the second I type “What typewriter did John Cheever use” into the google window, the next 8 hours are gone. And if I have a bottle of wine in front of me… god, I don’t even want to think about it. The term “Lost Weekend” springs to mind.

So. Any suggestions? Please note that I will absolutely steal any good ideas. :slight_smile:

I use Palatino. A beautiful typeface and a beautiful name. And when I practise my Italic handwriting I copy Mr Palatino’s original alphabet. Badly, let me add.


With respect, a typeface doesn’t say to me Writers but rather Printers or Designers.
If you put “writers” or “writing” into Google Images, most of the pics are of pen & ink.
Also of scribbling wretches hunched over cluttered desks.
Hence PEN is a association of writers, and Writers Ink is a common name for local clubs.
So, may seem old-fashioned, but hand-writing is still iconic for the craft of writing.

Kind of sounds like Wordstock, the annual literary convention around here. :slight_smile:

I have to agree with Druid though. If any font exemplifies the trade of writing over the past few decades, it would be Courier, though, and just ignore the ghastly Times New Roman. Unfortunately a Courier convention would probably invoke the wrong connotation, and end up swamped by wiry people in bright clothing and scrappy bicycles.

But just think what an unexpected new direction that would take your story in! Readers would never see it coming.


(The old 12-pitch standard typewriter font.)

(Or indeed the 10-pitch version, Pica)