Crsh After Switching Spaces (?)


for some time now I’m experiencing occasional Scrivener crashes. I think it happens when I’m working in Scrivener and then switch to another Space. And I think I usually have Scrivener running in full screen mode. But, of course, it only happens sometimes and not always. I have never lost any work, but it’s kind of annoying. I have attached the crash report.

Thanks in advance for looking into it.

ScrivenerCrash.txt (36.8 KB)


This is related to the default full screen scroller - something in Snow Leopard has broken it. In the next update, this scroller will replaced with a new one, but for now just change the scroller type in the full screen preferences to “none” or “monochrome”, and that should solve the issue.

Thanks and all the best,


thanks so much for the swift reply. I will change the scroller type and wait for the update then :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work,