CSS <$img class stripped out by compiler

I don’t mind not seeing the effects of CSS in Scrivener, but would like to float images in an ePub with <$img:Filename;h=150 class="left"> I can stop the floating with <br style="clear: both;" /> Stop floating passes thru the compiler if I use Format => Formatting => Preserve Formatting and Preserve Formatting blocks in the HTML Settings pane, but <$img tag changes are still stripped out. I’m writing a photo album with mostly landscape photos but many portrait. Would like to float images so that images and text could appear side by side. Adding class attributes manually to Sigil would make revisions painful. Hoping there is some way to convince the compiler to let my classes go :slight_smile: . Being able to modify any img attribute (eg: alt=“left” or title=“left”) would allow easy searching and modifying in Sigil.