CSS info/suggestions for Kindle paragraphs and bullet items

I’m trying to change paragraph and bulleted list formatting for Kindle output. I’ve looked in the manual, and I’ve tried adding custom CSS before compiling for Kindle. I haven’t gotten it to work.

I’ve attached an example of the Kindle output, and an example from PDF showing how I’d like to format the Kindle book. Can you point me to information or an example for how to do this? Thanks–


PDF (example of desired output):

The main bump toward that look is that HTML doesn’t have a black diamond bullet shape. There are ways around that, but I haven’t ever really put them to the test, where it comes to the full spectrum of Kindle devices out there. If you’d like to look into it, investigate the list-style-image property, along with the trick of embedding small graphics directly into CSS. For the black diamond, you might even be able to get away with not using an image, and simply typing it as a character in between the quotes of the content attribute. It’s a basic enough character that Kindles might have it in their display set, but do try as many font settings as possible in the simulators.

My guess is that most of the methods you find online for creating custom lists will probably need a little tweaking to get working well with all recent Kindles (and you can probably forget about legacy devices). Also be cautious with images. You run the risk of them getting blurry with those that read at a large font setting—or if you use a hard-coded size, stuff that is either too large or too small in all cases but one setting.

But as for the paragraph formatting, if that’s what you’re asking about as well—you can hand-craft the CSS if you want, but the upper half of that pane is there so you can easily set up paragraph settings. You may note that as you do so, the CSS automatically updates in the “Default Stylesheet” column.

Thank you Ioa. I’ll try adjusting the format via the pane.

& I forgot about those diamond bullets–regular bullets are fine for ebook versions. It’s the blocked paragraphs in main text and hanging indents in bulleted lists that I’m most interested in.

Thanks again–

Yeah I’d make the same decision—it’s probably more trouble than it is worth to go for custom bullets unless you really need something distinctive, like checkmarks. You might consider using squares instead of disks—it has a similar feel to the diamond. You can make that switch easily enough in the Tables & Lists compile format pane—it’ll adjust all of the CSS for you.

Optionally, if you want to keep your HTML source as clean as possible, go into the Text Layout format pane and disable all of the first-line indent settings. Although they won’t hurt anything, there is no reason to have Scrivener insert inline indent overrides into the content area itself if you aren’t using paragraph indents. :slight_smile: