CTD on start

It doesn’t start. It doesn’t even crash. It kills itself on Loading Font.
I’ve tried uninstalling it and deleting the folder. I’ve tried to run as administrator.

Log attached


Some custom fonts might crash Scrivener due to non-standard font file format. Scrivener should ignore these fonts after the initial crash. If this does not happen for some reason, the only solution is removing the font causing the crash. Have in mind that you might have installed more than one font which is causing a crash on start up.

I managed to look at your log file. Your problem is not due to loading fonts it seems. Disconnect from the Internet and uncheck “Automatically check for updates”. Does it help?

Still on RC15, I’ve disconnected the internet. The CTD persists. The log is attached.

I didn’t investigate the fonts, yet. Do you have any hint on the buggy fonts?
Could the minidump help ?

Now I’m going to try the RC16.


The CTD persists on RC16 too. I’ve attached the first and second logs and minidumps.

If it’s the case of buggy fonts, I think the Scrivener detection and black listing could improve. A CTD is a big bummer.


As a matter of curiosity (should it become an issue) whatever the heck is CTD? Found no mention in the manual.

CTD = Crash to Desktop. The program closes all open windows and dies.


The CTD was simply solved by itself.
I didn’t sanitize the fonts folder.
The only thing it comes to my mind is the last Windows 10 and .NET update (KB4601319 and KB4601050)

I ran a log for the 17 and compared it to the old broken 16 and found the culprit:

Info: Loading Font: "C:\\WINDOWS\\Fonts\\LGDisplayLight.ttf" Debug: Font Info: "LG Display-Light" ; "LG Display-Light" ; "C:\\WINDOWS\\Fonts\\LGDisplayLight.ttf" Info: Loading Font: "C:\\WINDOWS\\Fonts\\LG_Display.ttf" Debug: Font Info: "LG Display-Regular" ; "LG Display-Regular" ; "C:\\WINDOWS\\Fonts\\LG_Display.ttf"

What I did and fixed the CTD without knowing was that I uninstalled a slack soft from LG supposed to enhance my screen use (OnScreen Control - version 5.73 ). 250MB that worth nothing still broke things.