I hope there’s an easy solution to this. I’m a Scrivener novice so please bear with me. What if I wan’to change the font or do some small change to the entire document, and not just one chapter? If I use ctrl + A, it works like in Wndows, but only for the chapter that I’m in - I need the command (or some Scrivener equivalent) to work in the entire document.
Thank you.


Hakuna Matata!

Unfortunately that is a known limitation for the time being. They tried to get Scrivenings view to work as one cohesive editing session, but it’s going to take more work to get that done, than could be for the initial 3.0 launch. In the meanwhile, if you’re mainly just looking to normalise the formatting across the entire manuscript, there are better tools for the job anyway. You’ll find details in this knowledge base article.

Thank you for your reply.