Ctrl+ D [FIXED]

I was going through the shortcut keys and every time I hit Ctrl + D Scrivener crashed. Is that the Snapshot feature that’s off?


Typing ctrl+D when immediately opening Scrivener crashes it.

Going to Documents -> Snapshots -> Take Snapshots of Selected Documents crashes it.

Going to Documents -> Snapshots -> Take Snapshots of All Text Documents doesn’t seem to do anything.

I’ve got something odd going on with Ctrl-D, but it’s a bit different from the previous reports.

When I select a scene/file in Draft and use Ctrl-D, I hear the snapshot sound effect, and when I go to Documents, Snapshots, the snapshot shows there, and I can scroll through the image of the file.

However, when I selected all the files in the draft folder (in the binder), it sounded like it took a snapshot, but when I went to Documents–>Snapshots–>Show Snapshots, there was only the bottom file in the selection, and the only content was its title. I had expected to see all the files snapped, with contents.

The other problem is that the previous snapshot (showing the full document) had disappeared from the Show Snapshots window. Strangely, when I snapped the selection of several scenes again, I ended up with 2 of those single-file shots, BUT WHEN I TOOK ANOTHER SINGLE FILE SNAPSHOT, THE Snapshot list had dumped the previous items and only showed a single snapshot.

Confusing, and I’m not sure how it’s supposed to work, but seems to be a bug crawling in there :slight_smile: