Ctrl-down shortcut?

Hi! When editing text in the Beta, should a Ctrl-down shortcut skip to the start of the next paragraph, as in Word? I know that shortcut moves between items in the binder, but should it also allow quick movement within text?

Related questions: is it possible to accidentally disable an existing keyboard shortcut? And is it possible to intentionally map new shortcuts/hotkeys within the program?



I know Lee was working on shortcut commands only days before compiling the beta. I believe the current list of shortcuts is available in the tutorial; Help > Open Tutorial. You can find the list in the binder in a document aptly titled ‘Scrivener For Windows Shortcuts’.

I will wait for either Lee or Ioa to get back to you on the mapping question. I only returned to the Windows environment a few days ago after being immersed in OS X for the last couple of years! :wink:

All the best,

Welcome back to Windows! :slight_smile:

WinScriv recognizes several related text navigation shortcuts that aren’t included in the tutorial’s list, probably because they are almost universal in Windows programs. For example, Ctrl-left/right (skip to next word) and Shift-down/up (select full line of text) work perfectly. Ctrl-down/up is fairly common, so I was hoping it was also unlisted but supposed to be there.

It’s a minor issue–just a convenience thing. I’m mostly just enjoying the awesomeness of the program.

Thanks for the info!

You’re welcome on the info front. And thanks for the welcome back to Windows - he says whilst typing on his iMac, looking at Scrivener for Windows on the laptop. :smiley: