CTRL+F for find will crash Scrivener when used a certain way

I had this bug repeat itself at least twice now in the latest updated version, so it’s repeatable. Basically, if I’m using CTRL+F to find something in a document, but the mouse cursor wasn’t actually focused inside a document but elsewhere in Scrivener, once I actually type in what to search for and realize I needed to search inside the document and try to click the mouse inside of the document (with the search/find window still open), it’ll crash Scrivener.

Odd. I tried to reproduce the conditions, and the search window grayed out. When I clicked the mouse inside the document, the search kind of hung, but when I clicked inside the search box “next” it worked. But Scrivener didn’t crash.

It’s possible I’ve seen something like this in the last week. In my case, given I didn’t dream it up from some other encounter, Scrivener froze, which is maybe what he means by crashing.

I got out of the condition by various means of trying to force a Win window update; not sure which actually worked. As I recall the search box had been frozen, and no response anywhere in the Scrivener’s panes, until it released.

Then I could click into an editor and carry on.

Apologies for the loose anecdote, but if it helps reconcile clues…

When I say crash, I mean Scrivener simply just disappears–poof, gone. It doesn’t just freeze or have grayed out window–it pulls a disappearing act.

Hi Lunatique,

Has this only occurred for you in one project, or have you replicated it in, say, the tutorial?

If it’s always been in one project, could you send it to us at win3beta@literatureandlatte.com with a link to this thread? It may be that there is something specific to the project that is causing find to fail.


Well, something very weird just happened. I just tried it again in the current project it crashed as predicted. Then I tried another project and it was fine. And here’s the weird part–I went back to the previous project and tried it again, and it’s now fine too. I don’t know how, but it seems trying it in another project actually fixed the problem in the previous project? How is that possible?