Ctrl-Home Inconsistent

I may have mentioned this: If looking at a single document, ctrl-home takes you to the top. In scrivenings mode, it does not.

P.S. You might wonder why this is significant. It’s because when I search for a word in Scrivenings mode, I want to start a the top. There is no way, via the keyboard, to jump to the top (that I’ve found). You must use the mouse to move the scrollbar.

I use a macro when I search that automatically takes me to the top of a document before searching. That doesn’t work in Scrivenings mode.

Yes, this and other navigation controls for Scrivenings are already on the list. They’re limited in the current implementation of Scrivenings as multiple stacked editors, but this is being overhauled for the next major version and we should have Home, End and Page Up/Down all working consistently.