CTRL+K for splitting Synopsis

It would be really useful in outline view if CTRL+K would split a synopsis and create a second file that was otherwise a clone.

Thanks! That seems like a simple enough addition to the software that could make it a bit more seamless (and especially so once we get the outliner displaying the title and synopsis in the same column, so that editing them is more like writing than filling in a spreadsheet). I’ll put it on the list for future consideration.

In the meanwhile, note there is a duplication command in the Documents menu that will do all of that except for cutting the synopsis in half and splitting it between the duplicates.

Thanks, yes, Duplicate is a handy workaround. It does however interfere with flow - messing with outlines ought to be like tinkering with text, I think. So thanks very much for taking this request seriously :slight_smile:

+1 Vote for this. I’m on day 4 of my trial, and splitting a note was one of the first things I tried that didn’t work. (Thanks for the Dup workaround tip. I must have missed seeing the Dup feature in the getting started guide.)