Congratz on the latest build. So far it looks great (extra thanks for getting the command keys working in the full screen editor).

Quick bit of UI feedback – What was the rational for mapping “paste and match style” to “ctrl+shift+y” versus “ctrl+shift+v”? It seems like the previous combination is far more “logical” and in keeping with other software (ie. that because the modification is to the general paste command, an additional key is added versus adding an additional key and changing one key).

Was “ctrl+shift+v” already mapped to something else in Scrivener? If not, is there any chance the next build might remap this command (note that “ctrl+shift+v” is also less of a finger stretch)?

Seconded. I keep pressing Ctrl + Shift and wondering why it isn’t working. I nearly reported it as a bug. :blush:

Just discovered this thread on shortcuts in the new version, I am posting a link and will continue the conversation there: