Ctrl+up/down in outliner brings an additional item


When I ctrl+select item in the outliner view nd try to move up or down with ctrl+up or ctrl+down, it selects the targeted item plus a neighbor item, and the two items move, instead of only the targeted item.
It force me to use my mouse, but I don’t like that because mouse is less accurate than keyboard to move items in the outliner
This issue doesn’t appear in the binder.


Thanks, I can reproduce this and have filed a report.

In the Outliner view, when using CTRL+Up (or CTRL+Down) to shift a selected item, the next item (after the original selection is shifted) becomes added to the selection.

Steps to recreate bug, as follows.

Using the Interactive tutorial as a guide:
1.) Select “Part 2: Organisation” in the Binder
2.) Select “Step 12: Project Search” in the Outliner
3.) Pres CTRL+Up once
4.) Press CTRL+Up again

You will notice that the ordering is quite unexpected. The outcome is that the ordering has become 7, 8, 10, 12, 9, 11, 13. It operates in a similar way when using CTRL+Down.

On a side note: when MimeticMouton says “have filed a report”, does that imply that he is a tech support / moderator, or what? And if not, how does one “file” a bug report outside of posting to the “bug hunt” forum. :question:


Two things:

1.) The next item “select/add” seems to manifest itself during drag and drop in outliner mode as well, depending on which direction you are shifting. Dragging up changes the focus to the next item, and doesn’t keep it on the one which has just been moved by dragging.

2.) I see that mm is a moderator! Would be nice to have a visual cue in the profile side-blurb to indicate that.

Transmission over!