Ctrl+V does not get the same result as Edit / Paste and Match Style

Apologies if this has been posted before. I do recall seeing something like this, but cannot now find it.
Edit / Paste and Match Style does what it says it will do - pastes and matches the style in the target document.
Ctrl+V does not get the same result: it pastes but does not match the style.

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I think that is a fact. Why would you expect it to be the same?

Because of this:

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Ok, I see what has happened here.

Scrivener 3 does not like you changing certain keyboard shortcuts, among them Ctrl+V. In S1.9, I found it made better sense to me to swap the keyboard shortcuts for Paste, and Paste and Match Style. It looks like I have imported a keyboard layout created in S1.9 with these two keys swapped, and what S3 has done is to show this change in the Edit menu, but has not, in fact, changed the action that Ctrl +V triggers.

So the bug here is that when you import a set of keyboard options, S3 may ignore some of the options in the file, but will still incorrectly display them in the menus.