ctrl + v & resizing

Hi all,

sorry if I’m breaking any rules (I read the rules mostly but please don’t chastise me if I missed something). I started using scrivener some weeks ago as a beta tester. I’m currently busy with my last thesis (legal master) and several presentations and for other side projects. One thing I miss is the possibility to directly cut something (e.g. take a screenshot) and past it into scrivener without having to save it first. Another slight annoyance that I can’t seem to avoid is that scrivener automatically makes the picture files screenfilling. For instance I just wanted to save some images under a research folder but now when I open them they are as large as the screen and I can’t seem to find a resizing tool/option.

maybe I’m the only one here that would like to see such an option or is oblivious to the fact that there is already something like it but just thought I’d mention it !!

For the second part, if you’re putting the image files in the binder directly (rather than inserting them into a text document), you can double click on the image in the editor and it should bring up a dialogue for “image tools” which you can use to scale the image as well as rotate it. To my knowledge, though, the resizing tool isn’t yet available for images inserted into documents.

Yeah, I don’t think there are any image resizing tools in the editor yet. Make sure to resize your images as they should be in the final manuscript before dropping them in, for now, and work around them as best you can. If you are working in high-res, it might be better to just put text placeholders in, and then hopefully by the time you need them there will be better editor tools, and maybe even graphic linking instead of just embedding. Linking is going to be superior to embedding in the case of very large graphics as no graphic data need be stored in the RTF file itself.