ctrl-z undo bug for BETA 029

I noticed that Control-Z undo doesn’t work ideally for outlines. Consider the following outline example:

  1. Topic
    a. subtopic A
    b. subtopic B
    i. subsubtopic I

If I mistakenly delete subtopic B or subsubtopic I and use Control-Z to undo, it turns into “2.” instead of “b.” and “i” respectively. I searched the forums and didn’t see anyone else report this. This is not a critical bug, but it would be more convenient if fixed. Otherwise, I’ve had no problems so far with this beta. Thanks!

Ah, I see what you’re saying. I’ll put it on the list for when Lee has a chance to look at it to see what he can do about it. Meanwhile, you should be able to fix it by renumbering or using backspace and hitting enter again to force the list to reorder properly. Not as convenient, but at least you can get it going right again.